Hariom Lottery Result 12 May 2024 | हरिओम लाटरी रिजल्ट देखें

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Today, the Lottery game is played in almost all the states and cities in India and the game Lottery is also played with great fondness by the residents living in that state or city.

Hariom is also a kind of lottery game that is played by a lot of people and if you also play the Hariom lottery and want to see Hariom Lottery Live results, you can check it out below.

Hariom Lottery Result 12 May 2024

Hariom Lottery Result 12 May 2024 | हरिओम लाटरी रिजल्ट देखें

Hariom lottery is exactly like the Shri Hanuman Lottery which many people play, if you have come to our website to see the result of the Hariom Lottery, then the result of the Hariom Lottery can be seen below.


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Hariom Lottery Chart Panel

A lot of people want to see the old results of the Hariom Lottery to which they search for the Hariom lottery chart panel on Google, if you have also come to our website to view the Hariom lottery panel chart then you can see it from our website.

If you want to see the Hariom chart, then you can see it by clicking below.

What is Hariom Lottery?

Hariom Lottery is a type of illegal gambling that has been banned by the government in India long ago, you would know that the lottery game is a gamble, and playing it can also endanger your property.

A lottery is forbidden to play the game by the government, but a lot of people think that the lottery game is the only means by which they can become the richest. Due to this a lot of people lose their hard work money.

Hariom is also a type of lottery game in which a lot of people invest their money and hope that they can win that lottery, but you will see that there is only one winner of any lottery but it has a lot of people’s money in it.

How to Play Hariom Lottery

As you know, most lottery games are offline, if you can play offline hariom lottery, but in today’s time, you can also play the hariom lottery online on your mobile or computer.

But when it comes to playing an online lottery, it is very dangerous because the lottery is a gambling game and it is played with money, due to which the chances of getting cheated in playing an online lottery are very high.

But if you still want to know how to play Hariom Lottery online, then let’s know about its way.

  • To play Hariom Lottery online, first of all, you should visit any trusted website.
  • After that, you can register by putting your details on the Hariom lottery website.
  • After that, you have to choose the time of which lottery you want to buy.
  • Now choose whichever number you want to bet on.
  • After which you have to wait for the result of the Hariom Lottery to be announced.

Hariom Lottery Timing

Hariom Lottery is played all week. Hariom Lottery starts at 10:05 am and Hariom Lottery is played 15 times throughout the day the final result is declared every evening at 05:05 PM

At what time in the day the result of the Hariom Lottery is announced, let’s know about it.

Hariom Lottery Result Timing
10:05 AM
10:35 AM
11:05 AM
11:35 AM
12:05 PM
12:35 PM
01:05 PM
01:35 PM
02:05 PM
02:35 PM
03:05 PM
03:35 PM
04:05 PM
04:35 PM
05:05 PM
05:35 PM
06:05 PM
06:35 PM
07:05 PM
07:35 PM

FAQ Hariom Lottery

Is Hariom Lottery safe or not

Hariom lottery is not safe because your money may be lost after playing it.

Why is the Hariom lottery illegal?

Hariom lottery is an illegal game because in India any type of lottery game is considered a gamble due to which Hariom lottery is illegal.

How to Check Hariom Lottery Result

Many times people buy Hariom Lottery but they do not know how to see the results of Hariom Lottery, then for this, you should go to Google and search for Hariom Lottery , after which you can see the hariom lottery result.

Why do people play the Hariom Lottery?

All the people think that they can become rich as soon as possible by playing Hariom Lottery due to which people play Hariom Lottery.

Hariom Lottery Today Lucky Number

Today’s Luckey number of Hariom Lottery has been given by us on this website which you can see.


Hariom Lottery being a gamble, it is a legal offense to play it and if you play Hariom Lottery, then you may also be legally charged and fined.

In this post, we only gave you the information on Hariom Lottery and we also do not support Hariom Lottery at all.

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